Meet Savvy.

The optimal tool to manage your innovation dealflow

A new way to orchestrate your startup dealflow

Tired of bouncing between platforms and teams to manage your innovation projects?

Savvy is your go-to platform for innovation management, serving as a central hub for all teams. Whether you're a large corporation, innovation hub, VC, small business, or government agency, Savvy streamlines the way you manage startup relationships and innovation initiatives in the most collaborative, efficient, and transparent manner.
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Build a comprehensive startup database

Efficiently build and manage your startup database with Savvy. Our platform simplifies startup deal flow management, tracks interactions, and enables seamless team collaboration. Through advanced AI scouting capabilities, Savvy makes sure no opportunity goes unnoticed, allowing you to identify every startup that fits your criteria.

Make startup scouting easier with Savvy AI

Let Savvy AI take the reins of the scouting process, identifying project objectives and curating the most tailored and comprehensive list of startups. 

Enhance innovation project management

Empower your teams with Savvy's robust project management features. Define clear project objectives, establish real-world use cases, and track milestones with ease. Savvy fosters alignment and transparency among all teams and stakeholders, enabling efficient decision-making.

Bring everyone 
on board. Advance collaboration.

Stay on top of all your projects at all times. Know what’s moving forward, what pilots are running, and what needs your attention. Use flexible permission settings to share on your own terms.
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Let startups come to you.

Welcome startups into your innovation ecosystem with Savvy's Open Call Management tools. Create customized and shareable application forms, allowing startups to join your database autonomously.

Track efficiency, showcase Impact

Savvy empowers you to highlight the impact of your innovation projects within the organization. Track and share project milestones, generate analytics, and create reports.

Supercharge your innovation game.

Savvy's Ask SOSA feature puts you in touch with SOSA's innovation experts. Need help with market validation, insightful analysis, or a boost to your project? Ask SOSA connects you to the right SOSA specialists for tailored solutions, leveraging SOSA's decade of expertise.

“After trying other solutions, we went with Savvy. It was the simplest to use, and had everything we need. Finally we are running pilots and advancing deals without bottlenecks.”

Assaf Green
Director of Business development, NTT Israel

Savvy is secure
and compliant.

SOC-2 compliant

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

Data is completely isolated between customers.

Multi-level role-based access control (RBAC).

Yearly third-party penetration test audits.